Symbios of Sweden

Mapping a sustainable future


My name is Louise Mattsson and I am the founder of Symbios of Sweden AB. I am passionate about industrial symbiosis and strives to put the theory into practice and make this abstract field into concrete thinking.


Project leader ARCTIQ-DC Älvsbyns municipality -202008 - 202106

Looked into the industrial site in Älvsbyn to identify resource flow and how industries can be connected to enhance environmental, social and economic values. Also handled all reporting to Interreg in team and support from municipality.

Sustainability Engineer RISE ICE Data center  201902-202006

Worked in several projects focusing on testing and finding key values of data center residual heat application. Tested and investigated biomass dryer, fruit drying, greenhouse farming and insect farming. Achieved a wide network of contacts in all sectors in the whole of Sweden.

Education Linneaus University - Bachelor in Environmental Science, 2014

Developed skills in environmental science and connected this to statistics and environmental legislation. Bachelor paper investigated how small and medium sized companies follow legislation and what tools are missing from the government to facilitate the legislation compliance.


  • Mapping resources

  • Project leading

  • Passionate for Horizontal criteria's

  • Team player

  • Creative and challenges conventional thinking


Do you need help mapping your resources or combining industries in a bigger scale? Contact me for consultation and prices.

Combining industries with social values

I combine industries in different sectors and calculate resource flow and how they can strengthen each other in both social and economic symbiosis..

Mapping resources and services in a larger scale

I map resources involving large scale industries in clusters in for example material flow, heat recovery and water management.

individual mapping

I map your company's resource flow and suggest where savings can be made in environmental and economical value.


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